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This photo was taken in May, 2013 at the Salton sea, CA.  Over the summer, the water levels have dropped so much, that the piece of wood sticking out is far beyond the reaches of water. To see before the summer and after the summer photos visit for the latest!

Also: illegal dumping. Oh! How it makes my heart turn.  

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New~! Voce. Cristopher Cichocki: Dayglo and Dead Fish

It has been a while. Been away from the Salton Sea, working the Rocky Mountain County and State fairs. But that is a whole other book. Do visit my fb page if you would like to see fair photos from Montana and Wyoming and traveling with an awesome family and their kids who work the fairs. And of course ‘like’ my page for future updates. Isn’t that how it works?

Do visit my website as mentioned above to read what artist Cristopher Cichocki (think dead fish from the Salton Sea and day-glo) has to say about the Salton Sea!

Thanks for reading!

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City of La Quinta : Museum

Coming soon!!!The opening night of “The Mysteriously Enchanting Salton Sea” opening reception  at the La Quinta Museum in Coachella Valley, So Cal.

Featuring old photographs, artifacts and photos and interview excerpts taken from my book “Portraits and Voices of the Salton Sea” More info at

If you live nearby do come and visit, the reception is on the 17th May 4pm-7pm. I will do a reading at 5.30pm.

The heat is starting to rise in the desert… but that does not mean that everything is closed for the summer. Just moving inside!

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A Must Watch: “Chasing Water” by Pete McBride. And more.

Blog.Updated. Links to awesome authors, bloggers, photographers and a short documentary.


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Question of the Day:

What do a flipflop, a dolls head, lots of disintegrating plastic bags, and old metal springs have in common?

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The One a Day Picker Uppers

The concept is simple:

If Everyone were to pick up One piece of litter

Every Day Every Time One leaves the house for the rest of this year,

could You imagine what a Difference that would make to

Our streets and landscapes?